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We are all doubly affected by the current lockdown although, obviously, we need to keep everything in proportion when compared to the dramas being played out in the hospitals. We are not just constrained to stay near our homes, but also deprived of the third dimension which, for many of us, has become a physical necessity. Feel the ground disappear beneath our feet… Soon…
In the meantime, our lives and society will have changed. The economy has been severely affected, and also therefore, in particular, the world of paragliding. Schools have lost a significant part of the season, and manufacturers have seen a massive number of orders cancelled. Obviously, this has also affected magazine. In addition, some of our readers have seen their incomes reduced. Everything we publish in the past and in the future will, of course, remain available for free; that’s the principle of our magazine. There will perhaps be small changes concerning the number of pages... We will, on the other hand, highlight the upsides of these major changes. Lots of pilots are rediscovering slightly onerous tasks such as DIY and improving their own equipment which costs very little to do, along with training and mental and physical preparation, which costs nothing. You will therefore, from now on, find even more content of this type in your magazine

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manufacturers against corona
the paragliding market in 2020
stubai cup 2020
first test xctracer maxx
adventure nano quad
video adventure nano quad
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windsriders super-sleeves
kite: fly when the wind is too strong to fly
flysurfer (skywalk): specialist in‘paragliding wings on water’
test: skywalk flysurfer soul
video: flying with a kite
test: skywalk flysurfer peak 4: the single skin kite
lines, splices, do it yourself!
a loop step by step
video: splicing a line
other splices
test advance omega x-alps 3 versus omega x-alps 2
quick test three modern en cs
the 3 types of macronutrients
nutritional physiology: general mechanisms and principles
blood sugar regulation and energy crises
fats, carbohydrates, proteins
video : siim about cetose
ketogenic diet for pilots

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