Our test pilot Philippe Lami has flown the Swing Paragliders Arcus RS over several months, in both the classic and the lightweight version. He has also used it in school.
The German manufacturer Swing now equips its whole range with their inhouse #RAST technology, developed by their R&D team, led by Michael Nesler. It first appeared at the Coupe Icare in 2016 on the school wing, the Mito.
One effect of the RAST: we noticed, during the course of multiple test flights, that the wing never overflew! In fact, the scoop was done in 2 steps, without any heaviness.
The Arcus RS / RS Lite was also really calm in deliberately induced collapses! In fact, only the front part of the leading edge crumpled. The rear part remained inflated and prevented the collapse from biting deeply into the chord. Less depth equals less rotation, indeed none.

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